The Forge

out of the depths of Midwesthell...

This is The Forge, a podcast/internet radio show hosted by Rob Salem that features the best in underground heavy music from the Midwest and beyond.

The Forge is back!

After a stupid long hiatus caused by the failings of technology, The Forge returns as a podcast. While I'm hoping to eventually get back to running The Forge as a radio station and doing live broadcasting, I'm gonna run it as a podcast for now, with a goal of putting out a new show once every week or two. I kicked off this second rebirth of The Forge with an all-Indiana playlist. Let me know what you guys think, and more importantly, let the bands know!

You can stream the current show via the built in player above, or you can download it and listen at your leisure. I'm also gonna work on getting the shows up on YouTube for those that like to do their podcasts that way.

Thanks for continuing to believe in and support this crazy idea!


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